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How to connect?

Download UO Razor - Download UO directory (put it wherever you like)

BE MINDFUL - We have custom hues so you will want the client listed below

Be sure to point your razor to the patched Ultima Online Classic client.exe as shown to the right

Choose the same location for your UO Data Path

connection info - Port: 2595 (2593 for old server)

When Launching Razor - be sure to point the client AND data path to your UO directory and select "patch OSI encryption" or it will not connect


<-- Drop these into UO folder

This realm is very simple:

There is a gate in the community room to a taming dungeon - tame away!
- you can buy pet leashes and bond deeds from the vendor stones

Levelable Items:
Every item can level - use your points wisely.

Each skill can reach 125.
Some cannot reach the cap naturally, so farm some gold and buy your +skill balls from the vendor stones

Crafting has not been modified far from the realm of OSI, however - crafted gear at level 1 provides a large advantage to point distribution.

-very few rules
-The profanity filter is microscopic
-use the vendor stones
-[claim works
-Gear your own body guard / healer
-many custom systems
-be the first to rule the roost


The first thing you want to do when leveling gear is put +5 self repair. If you plan to play a caster, then start with lower mana cost.